Monday, 6 December 2010

Out in the cold

WOW, it was cold today. I eschewed my usual cycle ride to the British Museum and instead took the warm-by-comparison 73 bus. I enjoyed an uneventful journey, I even got a seat, and arrived in plenty time to set up for my sessions with children from a North London school. Then I waited. And waited. And waited...

An icy wind blew through the Great Court and down into the schools area where my temperature and spirits fell slowly but surely. A few schools called to say they would be late but eventually they all arrived. At 11.45 students from far-flung Brighton turned up, having started out at 6.00am. But not my school.

This was my last teaching session at the Museum this term and I felt deflated when they didn't show up; I wonder what happened. Their school secretary suspected they'd turned back, giving up on a difficult journey perhaps, but she didn't seem too worried about them. I know the location of the school, it's just about a mile from where I live. It just goes to show how much luck plays a part in travelling round London; my journey had been so easy. I hope they didn't get too cold or too dispirited during their abortive attempt to reach us and that they will reorganise their visit next term. I missed them today.

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