Thursday, 20 January 2011

A winning formula for reading

Buddy is still pale, lack-lustre and sofa-bound. I'm thankful he's got the attention span for a feature film or two, and that he's old enough to enjoy a board game without tears, or too much of me fixing the outcome in his favour.

In particular we've been enjoying playing Grand Prix, pictured above, which Buddy got for his last birthday. I remember he wasn't particularly keen on learning to read at the time, but this dice game tapped into his obsession with all things Formula One. And brilliantly, it kick-started his desire to try reading non-book text independently. It's a lovely twist on classic snakes and ladder game-play with hazards like oil leak, miss a turn and engine full out, move to 57.

I remember being so encouraged by this that I made him his very own Formula One Bingo game, pictured below.

I used a mixture of high frequency words, phonetic spellings and specialist racing terminology to get him practising a range of reading strategies within a fun bingo game context; you have to complete the chequered flag to win!

Playing these games with Buddy again after a few months, even with him feeling unwell, I can see how his reading skills have come on in leaps and bounds. He is now an enthusiastic reader of everything, everywhere, and so I'll always be pleased we found a winning formula with Formula One.

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