Friday, 15 April 2011

Quarantined kids

This week, with one of my children spotty with chicken pox and the other doubtless incubating the illness, we tried to stay at home as much as possible. However in an attempt to avoid cabin fever we simply had to escape the confines of our house - just occasionally.

When Daisy felt up to it we headed out to some of London's open spaces, and we managed to have a lot of fun, albeit under quarantine-like conditions.

We timed Bud running round and round a lake in Epping Forest.

We found a huge abandoned den; Buddy and Daisy were quick to establish it as their own, happily immersing themselves in some ambitious home-improvements.

We played weddings on the glamorous lawns of Regent's Park using the abundance of fallen blossom as confetti and making daisy chains for Daisy-the-bride's floral crown.

During our excursions I had to keep an unusual check on Buddy and Daisy: ensuring they were staying away from other people. This was particularly hard on Buddy because he is just about the friendliest little guy in the land. Generally he loves to introduce himself to everyone we meet and then he converses with aplomb. So I did not like enforcing this rule - at all.

However I could encourage them to get up close to a few things: the bright and jolly flowerbeds...

...the sparkling, cool waters of the boating lake...

...and some heavenly, melty ice-creams.

So not too bad really.

And today I'm glad we insisted on those quarantine rules; Buddy's chicken pox have arrived in earnest.


  1. That sounds like quite a wonderful way to spend quarantine time to me! I love the idea of the blossom as wedding confetti- doesn't take much to spark their imaginations does it? Perfect. (And just how amazing is that den?!) Thanks for linking your ideas to It's Playtime!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time, despite the spots. My Immy is just like Buddy, talking to anyone who we pass!

  3. Thanks for commenting Christie and Anna

    Both children now post-quarantine - just. And in time to go back to school for the new term. They couldn't have timed it more neatly; what a strange school break we've had!


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