Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Scented sock genies

We made these cute and useful little creatures today when I noticed just how many outgrown and threadbare socks were lurking in the children's not-so-fresh smelling drawers. I took the aforementioned socks and put them in a box on the kitchen table along with a mixture of dried mung beans and lavender, a selection of googly eyes, ribbon and metallic sticky tape, brightly coloured feathers, pipe cleaners and a few elastic bands.

There followed a fabulously fragrant hour as Buddy and Daisy made all the scented sock genie characters pictured above.

They half-filled each sock with the mung bean and dried lavender mix...

...then I helped tie an elastic band round the top of the sock to seal in the scented filling.

They stuck on eyes, added feathers, tape and pipe cleaners just as they wished and the whole kitchen filled with the relaxing scent of lavender. Bliss.

Daisy made a princess, a mermaid and two baby dinosaurs. Buddy made a pirate and two ninja-explorers.

The sock genies are now in residence in Buddy and Daisy's bedroom; scenting their drawers with the wonderful aroma of lavender. And they make me chuckle every time I see them; aren't they funny.


  1. This is BRILLIANT!!! You better believe I'm picking up some lavender and making these with my boys! Their drawers need the fresh smell, and we have tons of socks that no one fits. Perfect! Visiting from the It's Playtime hop! I would love it if you stopped by my blog to say hi! :)

    Mandi at boredombustingmommy.blogspot.com

  2. I do hope you try them. SO easy to make, their drawers smell fab and they are an incentive for my kids to choose clothes and get dressed too.

  3. This is soo lovely. I want to do some too! I've been away and it's so nice to be back reading your blog!


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