Monday, 26 September 2011

Autumn art

Yesterday our Sunday stroll was enhanced by a simple game - collecting nature. The only rule was that we shouldn't pick anything that was still growing; it had to have already fallen to the ground.

It was wonderful how quickly our hands - and then my bag - filled with leaves of every shape and hue, jewel-like berries, patterned bark and lots of interesting seed cases. The range of colours was just amazing, and the children noted that you could really tell it was autumn now.

With so many fabulous colours and textures in our collection, there was really no need to do anything further with our bounty other than to simply look at it and enjoy it. However, having made summer nature-bangles just a few months ago, we thought we'd try making some more with our autumn collection.

So, using a strip of masking tape fixed in a loose loop around our wrists - sticky side out - we created gorgeous, decorative bands of autumnal colour by pressing some of our collected nature onto the tape. Easy, quick and beautiful outside art - we definitely made the best of that autumn sunshine yesterday.

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