Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Strictly sparkly bangles

It's no secret that my family are big Strictly Come Dancing fans. Every Saturday evening you'll find us dancing, singing, laughing and talking all over it - discussing the celebrities' sparkly outfits and nifty moves, and the judges' acerbic comments and decisive scores.

As we were away at the weekend, we've only just caught up with this week's shows. Daisy got dressed up in a suitably over-the-top outfit, as usual, and was thrilled to be able to put on the just-dry-enough sparkly bangles she'd made earlier.

Here's how she made them:

1. We cut an empty toilet roll in half to make two bangles

2. She covered the tubes with strips of shiny tape at the edges

3. She used metallic felt tips to colour the remaining areas

4. I mixed some glitter with a little PVA glue and, using a small paint brush, Daisy added sparkle just where she liked

During the show, as both children danced around the living room, it became apparent that my six-year-old felt decidedly dull compared to the competing dancers and his sparkly-armed sister. So I was delighted when he said he wanted his own bangles, and very much surprised when he said that he'd like to make some straight away - it's very unusual for Buddy to initiate a crafty activity. He knew exactly how he wanted to make them and spent the next 15 minutes of the programme, in between dances, covering his tubes with stripes of shiny tape. And in the words of one of the judges Craig Revel Horwood, they looked fab-u-lous, dahling.

As the tubes were slightly too small for Buddy's hands to easily slip through I cut the bangles into cuffs. Happily, this means I can take a turn wearing them - and get to be strictly sparkly too.


  1. What a brilliant idea!!! Fantastic results, I must try this with my nieces!

  2. Lovely idea! I come to your blog for inspiration and am glad I looked today. Will try this next week.


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