Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Take the bait and create

I'm rather excited to tell you about our latest card-making project; just look how cute it turned out. It came about when I asked my children if they might make some baby congratulations cards for our friends' new arrivals, and they happily accepted the challenge. 

They told me that they wanted to make cards that would also be a sort of present; a kind of toy to look at. So, I collected the materials for the cards a few weeks ago - when the babies were brand new. My children know that new-born babies respond very well to black-and-white, so they approved of my selection of collage materials; craft foam, card, cartridge paper, tissue paper and a few googly eyes - only in black and white. 

I arranged all the materials on a large tray along with some scissors, a couple of pencils and a glue-stick, and left them out in a kind of no-pressure-but-look-what-lovely-thing-is-here-for-you-to-do way, hoping one or both of my children might take the bait and create. But still no-one took up the challenge. Until tonight, that is - when my daughter suddenly appeared in the kitchen to make her cards just as I was loading the dishwasher. 

I had no idea what she was going to make, and I just let her get on with it as I cleared up after dinner. But imagine my delight when I finally saw what she'd created. As you can see, she made two cards, one with a rather striking gentleman on the front, and another featuring an elegant lady. This is ideal, because two of the new arrivals happen to be a boy and girl pair of twins. Perfect. I really hope they like their card/present combos. 

Now to work on my son - I hope he gets round to making his card before the baby in question starts appreciating colour; otherwise we'll have to re-think the whole thing. 

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