Thursday, 17 April 2014

How to make your own Faberge eggs

I love making up craft kits to give as gifts to people I know to be keen makers. Here's one we recently created for my daughter's friend's birthday. She's eight years old, enjoys making things, and loves a bit of sparkle and glamour. We think this kit will hit the spot and go down a treat.

Here's what went into the kit:

1. a pack of polystyrene craft eggs

2. glitter glue pens in assorted colours

3. a couple of packets of foil sticker stars

4. two packets of stick-on gems

5. a trimmed section of an egg-box and a cocktail stick to fashion into a stand for the egg being decorated

6. a picture of some Faberge eggs for inspiration

[image from]

And here's the kit box - decorated by my daughter...

Of course, we are now desperate to have a go ourselves, and as it's coming up Easter I think we've got a great reason to make some time to decorate some eggs - Faberge-style. 

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