Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Haircut 100

This has been a week of haircuts. On Tuesday I took Buddy and Daisy to the hairdresser. It was only their second time and as such was still quite a novelty.

Daisy sat demurely throughout her 10 minute trim, loving every second.

But Buddy's hair took nearly an hour. First came the painful 'brushing-out' ceremony. He looks cheery in this photograph but actually his eyes were watering for most of it.

And then came the inevitable cutting of his curls; I could barely watch. I had to keep telling myself they'll grow back, they'll grow back. I love those little corkscrews.

Back at home Daisy found a book about someone who, like Buddy has untamed and tangled tresses. Sarah Dyer's The Girl with the Bird's-Nest Hair is a delightfully eccentric tale of Hollie whose hair becomes so wild and unkempt that a selection of birds set up home in it.

A cautionary story indeed. Thank goodness we didn't see any birds emerging from Buddy's hair as it was combed and cut. But as Daisy so wisely put it, 'I think we went to the hairdresser just in time, mummy.'

On Monday I gave the ivy in our garden a trim, and there was plenty of wildlife living in there. We witnessed many an indignant-looking creepy crawly suddenly exposed, rather unceremoniously evicted from its leafy home. It was a great opportunity to examine close up the spiders and ladybirds of our garden. And by the time we managed to clear up the cuttings most of them had scuttled or flown away to branches new.

Maybe it's because I've got haircuts on my mind, but I now think the little box trees in our front garden could do with a trim. Don't you think they're looking a bit out of shape with all their new growth? I certainly know two little gardeners/hairdressers who'd love to give it a go.

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