Thursday, 15 July 2010

Pancake Daisy

Pancake Day in July: this is what comes of allowing a 3 year old to flick through a recipe book just before teatime. We'd talked Daisy out of the milkshakes (p42)and the lollies (p44) but couldn't dissuade her from p8; pancakes it had to be.

She was very keen to help with the cooking. She confidently tapped the eggs hard on the table top and got most of their gooey content into the bowl. And she loved helping me with the electric mixer, still calling the whisks whiskers - which I am loathe to correct.

Our recipe made 10 pancakes. Daisy was initially impressed by my flipping capabilities but when her interest waned (around pancake no. 6) I turned them over with the spatula - less dramatic but more successful.

Pancakes for tea were allowed with the proviso that they should at least be savoury. So once cooled, ham and cream cheese were smothered on top and they were rolled into enchilada-style wraps and served alongside favourite veg.

There were a few left for pudding, so we filled them with slices of banana, grapes and strawberries and added a dusting of cocoa and sugar. These were trickier to eat - it was a cutlery-free meal - but were polished off just the same.

So crazy times in our kitchen then; non-seasonal cooking you might say. But seeing as we had all the ingredients for pancakes in our store cupboard I think we actually followed the traditional custom better than we've managed on many a February Shrove Tuesday. Good one, Daisy.

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  1. Pancakes are part of our morning rituals. And with four kids (plus hubby) I'm really running out of pancake recipes to make! So I love browsing blogs to get some ideas to at least spice up my old and new found pancake recipes. I love the idea of rolling it with ham and cream cheese inside. Thanks for that! I think that my kids specially my twin boys are going to enjoy it. :)


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