Friday, 2 July 2010

This week in pictures

This week my children have been thoroughly enjoying the glorious weather; our adventures have taken place almost entirely outside.

There's been some serious chilling out under our home-made sun canopy.

It was a great place for relaxed sandwich eating too.

We printed our hands and feet with watercolours...

...and used the colourful pictures as wrapping paper.

We made pin-wheels and fans from old magazines and scrap paper.

But when we really needed to cool down we just added water; washing our scooters and trikes...

...having under-the-sea mini-adventures...

...and making the ultimate chute-and-splash for our toy cars. Ker-sploosh!

And that was our week of fun in the sun.


  1. Ooo thank you for the link! This is lovely and EXACTLY what outside play is all about isn't it? Just taking the toys and play outside and using it as an extension of home. Oh for some heat to do some great water play again- looking forward to summer now! :-)

  2. What a lot of fun, Julia! It looks so warm where you live (we had rain today, so I'm pretty envious). I've been planning to set up some chutes like yours and just love all the things you've been up to.


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