Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brighton rhyme time

Have you got a number? Number One.
One helter skelter - in the sun.

Have you got a number? Number Two.
Two deckchairs - for me and you.

Have you got a number? Number Three.
Children and a pigeon paddle by the sea.

Have you got a number? Number Four.
Four beach huts - with colourful doors.

Have you got a number? Number Five.
Five yachts sailing - all in a line.

Have you got a number? Number Six.
Six painted pebbles, no sand or sticks.

Have you got a number? Number Seven.
Stripes on a tub - ice-cream heaven.

Have you got a number? Number Eight.
An eight-foot wave, so concentrate.

Have you got a number? Number Nine.
Pebbles in your pockets - it's skimming time.

Have you got a number? Number Ten.
10/10 - can we visit again?

Changing the words to nursery rhymes and traditional songs is my stock-in-trade - whether I'm at work, singing and rhyming in storytelling and teaching under-6s at the museum - or at home with my own children. This rhyme is adapted from a call and response number-rap that Buddy and Daisy know very well. I shared my version with Buddy this evening, and he loved it. He nodded along with the rhythm of the familiar, but was impressed with how it was totally about our visit to Brighton last weekend. Buddy loved the photographs too - credit must be given to Daddy here; he took the fabulous pictures for numbers Two and Nine.

I wonder what Daisy will make of it?


  1. That would make a cute picture book! Complete with your pictures! Thank you for sharing on It's Playtime

    Rachele @ Messy Kids

  2. I love looking at your photos - it is like you are sharing a little slice of Brighton with us - you make me want to go (if it wasn't across the other side of the world!)

  3. Aw thanks for your lovely comments. I thought I'd lost this post in the great Blogger disaster last week! x

  4. I love the poem oh so much, and if I were your child it would make me beam. And the pictures take me back to my own trip to Brighton long ago. What a beautiful place.


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