Monday, 20 June 2011

Baby bunting

Last Saturday, on our literary river walk, we collected some beautiful swan feathers. After washing them in warm, soapy water I snipped their ends into points - et voila! - we had a set of authentic and beautiful quills. Dipping our pristine quill nibs into a pot of black 'ink' - actually washable black poster paint - we practised writing our signatures on plain postcards. It was all very Samuel Pepys. When we weren't using them we speared the quills into a pear as pictured below. I got this idea straight from the film Shakespeare in Love; I think it looks very Elizabethan.

Inspired by Modern Parents Messy Kids mention of black and white wedding bunting here we decided to make our own - but for babies. Amongst our friends we know of two new arrivals and this bunting would make a great gift.

So I asked Buddy and Daisy to draw black designs on their white postcards; patterns, shapes and faces - the things we know the newest of babies love. Brilliantly, this kind of simple mark-making was fun and achievable with the novel but somewhat unwieldy new writing tool.

When they were dry we used the hole-punch to make two holes in the top of each card and threaded silky ribbon in and out to finish the baby bunting.


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