Thursday, 16 June 2011

Handmade maps

This is the perfect Fathers' Day gift for a daddy who likes walking, running, cycling, visiting places of local interest or map reading.

It also helps if, like me, you appear to have a child who's a budding cartographer.

Here's how to make one:

1. Take an A4 sheet of light-coloured paper.

2. Fold the paper into eighths; first fold it in half lengthwise, and then into quarters - zigzagging the direction of the folds.

3. Glue thin card - precut to fit - to the top face of the folded paper. This is now the front cover; transforming it into a proper pocket map.

4. Unfold the paper and begin designing your very own map showing a walk, run or bike ride.

5. Choose between two and five places of interest and draw them on your map.

6. Mark the route and direction of your journey. Broken dotted lines work well, as do elephant footprint ink stamps - Daisy is confident about this.

7. Refold the map along its crease lines and then design the title cover just as you like - we used shiny stickers for visual impact.

Et voila. A unique, bespoke, hand-crafted gift that will be as useful as it is beautiful - it will certainly be cherished.

Buddy's A RUN MAP, pictured above, features seven points of local interest for daddy to enjoy as he runs along the route. These include a Travis Perkins shop, the stream and bandstand in Butterfield Green and Buddy's best friend's house.

Daisy's HOORAY we have got lovely runs for YOU map is actually a circular family walk to our local park and back. The brand new playground, featured above, is drawn in particular detail; please note its orange fence and slide, red climbing frame and grassy hillside. How we'll manage to get Daisy to leave the playground - and complete the walk - is another matter.

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