Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Camp-fire cooking

My children's school was closed today because of strike action and I had to go to work, so Daddy travelled home through the night from Edinburgh to London - that's nine hours. How he managed to look after Buddy and Daisy without a wink of sleep I'll never know, but clearly they had a great time. They were pleased to find the local adventure playground open and so they hung out there for ages; on the flying fox, the trolley ramp, the swing-tyres and other fantastic reclaimed-and-made play equipment.

There was a surprise in the middle of the playground too - a crackling, warming and gorgeous smelling camp-fire. Foil-wrapped, wood-fire baked potatoes were being handed out just as they arrived and later on - as you can see in the photo above - freshly toasted bread; how wonderful for them to experience cooking and eating outside. Daisy decided to add some strawberry jam to hers and ate it high up in the playground's tree house with a new friend - and that's pretty special too.

I am so proud of my family today; they definitely made lemonade out of lemons. And I'm proud of our community too - thank you SWAPA for keeping such a super resource open on strike day, and for giving my children the opportunity to experience the magic of camp-fire cooking.


  1. Love it! Looks like they had a lot more fun than we had at hellish soft play.

  2. Hmmn, soft play can be simply awful when it's too full, eh - I'm having flashbacks of Pirates Playhouse N16 at its worst!


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