Monday, 28 November 2011

Moonbeams in a jar

We've just had some lovely news from school; Buddy and Daisy have each been made class Star of the Week. I am so proud of them, and they have been on sparkling, star-like form ever since - rightly pleased with themselves. The news put us in mind of one of our favourite songs Swinging on a Star. We talked about the lyrics and how we especially love the line 'carry moonbeams home in a jar'. The children, rather practically, said they would like to work out exactly how to collect the moon's silvery glow and keep it. And I tried to explain, too metaphorically probably, how I want them to have all the glowing moonbeams they can comfortably carry, always...

In order to satisfy their want for the moon and my desire to reward them for being Stars of the Week I came up with the idea of a little prize; their very own jar of moonbeams. Here's how to make one:

1. Take a clean, empty glass jar (label removed) and apply a generous coat of PVA glue (thinned with a splash of water)

2. Cover the jar with small pieces of silver and white tissue paper just as you like

3. Apply one further coat of PVA glue to give a glossy hard-wearing finish

3. Add a few silver stars or sequins for a bit of daylight sparkle

4. Coat the jar's lid with PVA glue then cover it with kitchen foil

5. When the whole thing is dry, pop in a bicycle (white) light and screw on the lid

Now, how to get them swinging on a star?


  1. How gorgeous! I love tissue paper glass jar lanterns. These are particularly pretty ones! and how lovely that they both got star of the week at the same time!

  2. These look so splendid. Alicia and I made similar with orange and red leaves wrapped around tumblers with tealights inside, for Thanksgiving.

  3. So many good ways to decorate glass jars, eh. Love the leaves idea, Shez; they would let a soft orangey light through, I imagine. Very lovely. Of course I want to see pictures of them now...x


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