Saturday, 25 February 2012

May the Force be with you

Take one Star Wars fan - the birthday boy. Make him a natty Jedi Knight cloak and find him a lightsaber - an empty wrapping paper tube does the job, and often lasts longer than one of the shop-bought variety. We had both.

Add a brave and clever sister - Princess Leia - to be his trusted friend...

... and welcome twelve other energetic young Padawans; ready to be trained in the ways of the Jedi.

  • Take on the dark lord and sneak up on him in a game of Darth Vader's Footsteps
  • Go on a search-and-save mission around the training HQ - collecting pictures of Star Wars characters
  • Perfect an old Jedi mind trick - in a game of May the Force be with you
  • Visit the frozen planet of Hoth and, wearing gloves, unwrap white chocolate snowballs from ice (actually foil) and eat as many as possible before the next Padawan rolls a six and takes over the task

Provide each Padawan with the components to build their very own droid...

... and be amazed at their fantastic ideas and technical skill.

Have a well-earned break with a hearty Jedi lunch...

...with an extra energy boost from home-made banana and chocolate chip muffins

 ... and some very special biscuits.

Refreshed and refuelled, congregate for the ultimate Jedi Knight challenge: lightsaber training.

One Padawan at a time, with their trusty lightsaber, for one minute against...

 ... the devilishly fast remote bubble droids. Award points for style - as well as bubble droid damage.

Finally, receive a shiny medal from Princess Leia in a special Jedi award ceremony.

 And that's how our Star Wars party went today. It was out of this world!


  1. I'm following you from Science Sparks linky party. LOVE this party idea. Hope you'll visit my blog sometime: Kindergarten for Teachers and Parents.

  2. Great! And HELLO! It's the first time I've joined that linky party - glad you found me. I will of course check out your blog ASAP! x

  3. That is awesome! True Jedi's in your house, my husband will be pleased (he thinks himself a Jedi!)

    A fabulous party theme that I shall be remembering for the future!


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