Saturday, 16 June 2012

Say it with yoga

It's Father's Day here in the UK this Sunday. My children were so disappointed when I told them their daddy would still be away then, working in Cyprus. However, they jumped at my idea of sending him a special Father's Day message via the internet, and when I suggested using themselves as the letters, they actually squealed with anticipatory delight.

With giggles and squirms, they planned each letter together and then, standing on a chair, I snapped their final positions. It turned into a kind of fun photo shoot and, unintentionally, the children got to practise a few yoga positions too. I think it's made a rather lovely home-made gift - albeit a virtual one.

You might spot Snuffy and Snowy, their beloved bears, starring in a few of the photos. Daddy will definitely note and appreciate their important contribution - he's good like that.

Happy Father's Day, Daddy Deering. 
We love you, and miss you very much xxxx

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  1. So fun!!!! Even just "writing Daddy" would be cute and then it would be great for Birthdays too!



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