Monday, 25 June 2012

It's not pretty, but it's play

Recently, my children's play hasn't been nearly as pretty or as obviously photogenic as usual. However, I've still snapped away, trying to capture all their brilliant adventures, and fortunately, I've discovered a great image processor on Picasa 3. I think this 'plastic' camera effect works really well for this particular collection of Buddy and Daisy at Play pictures.

On Saturday, Darth Vader gave us a super quality black balloon at a Star Wars party (which explains the Jedi and Yoda costumes in the top photo). There have been a great many giggly games of keepy-uppy since then.

There's been some top-notch potion-making; but no perfumed petals or glitter were involved this time. Instead, leaves, carrot-tops, mud, water, washing-up liquid, vinegar and small stones were collected, whisked into the 'cauldron' and then the nasty-looking mixture was poured into jars.

 They are deadly potions, apparently. They have the labels to prove it.

This black, shop-bought, pizza packaging has been transformed - with the weight of a few pennies - into a surprisingly robust flying saucer. They've been having some fantastic post-dinner frisbee games in our little garden.

 Just goes to show - play doesn't have to be pretty to be pretty cool!

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  1. As inventive as always - love the upcycled pizza base. And what is it with potions - Z is really into them at the moment too!


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