Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gifts for a new baby

We are all in love with the latest addition to our family; my sister's gorgeous baby boy was born a week ago. My children, keen to give their new cousin a present, suggested they each design him a baby-grow. And in case I wasn't sure what they meant, Daisy explained, 'You know, mummy - those things with the poppers going all the way round.'

I only managed to find some plain long-sleeved vests in size 0 - 3 months, but as they had at least three poppers going a little bit round, they were considered acceptable. I set out an invitation to create - with paper and felt-tips in the colours I knew we had in fabric pens, and then stepped away to give creative juices a chance to flow.

Both children were wonderfully motivated and very soon had their designs all mapped out and ready to go. I inserted a piece of card inside each vest to stop any colour seepage and to make for a more solid canvas and, along with our fabric pens, I handed them over to the designers. Twenty minutes later the vests were finished. They have since been proudly given to the scrumptious one - most definitely gifts made with love.


  1. I love this! My newest nephew is now four months old, but I can definitely see a potential T-shirt design going his way for Christmas from my two munchkins

  2. Go for it. SO much fun for kids to design for other kids! x


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