Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The book nook

During a recent parents' meeting with my youngest's teacher I noticed the classroom's book corner. It was draped with chiffon, had cosy cushions and big, open book boxes - the usual stuff of a well-appointed reading zone, except one thing. It wasn't in a corner at all. It had been relocated to the middle of the room. It struck me as a great, if audacious choice of position but I was particularly tickled at the reason for its move. The reason was my daughter.

Apparently she spent so much of her time hidden away in the corner under a pile of books and cushions that they missed her. Now, in the new central book area, she is the centre of attention and I bet she loves it - she's not one to shy away from the limelight if there's any to be had. I'm glad her love of books and reading hasn't resulted in her being invisible at school.

At home, with children's books all over the house, we don't have a specific book corner at all. Or rather we didn't. A couple of days ago my creative little bookworm suggested we make one. And somehow we managed to find a space behind the living room sofa and she made the cosy book nook pictured above.

She spent a very happy half-hour fetching cushions, soft toys, blankets and a box from the recycling stash - which I gladly covered in cheery gift wrap. We filled the box with books and then she spent the next hour there - reading, relaxing and playing her harmonica.

She hasn't spent much time in the book nook since that first morning; it was definitely the process of making it that she enjoyed most. She's still avidly reading - just anywhere and everywhere like before.

Maybe that new nook will soon become something completely different - watch this space.


  1. How gorgeous! And what a fabulous teacher she has to think outside the box like that! The reading corner was my favourite space to create in my classroom, just so tranquil and lovely! We have made a few nooks here and there but they tend to be temporary. We must have another go too. This would be a lovely post to link up to 5-a-Day books on my site today! Thanks :-)

  2. I love this. I'm going to make one, too! Thank you!

  3. what a comfy, imaginative space. can you build ME one, next ;)

  4. That is such a cosy corner! Thank you also for letting me know about the Monkey and the Robot. We won't be able to make it on any of those days though but I will put it on my what to do in August list!. Thank you so much and I'm hoping we can meet your friend another time. x

  5. What a neat corner! We made a reading corner in our homeschool room this year. :) Neat to see them in other people's homes as well!


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