Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mess and making

Here's an activity that never fails to get my reluctant artist Buddy straight to the making table. It's a sure-fire way of getting him cutting, sticking, colouring, glittering and designing. I sometimes sneak in new materials and techniques for him to try too - like printing and painting. These would usually be a big no-no for him; he's never been keen on the messy stuff.

It came about because I really like to keep all the birthday cards we receive. Instead of hoarding them though - and getting very sentimental and tearful over them as the years pass - I've stored them in a box for Buddy and Daisy to cut up and use to make personalised greetings cards for their friends. Of course, I have kept their first birthday cards out of the craft box, along with anything else particularly poignant.

While Daisy is very enthusiastic, diving into any art activity just for the fun of it, Bud seems to need the incentive of a cool outcome to entice him. Making birthday cards using images and motifs from the shop-bought variety to get him started works brilliantly for him.

So here's a selection of gorgeous cards made by Buddy and Daisy. They've used all kinds of techniques and it's just wonderful to watch them both get stuck in - really enjoying a creative session of mess and making.

And yesterday they made Thank You cards for their teachers...


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