Sunday, 15 April 2012

Beanbag tin can alley

How about this for an easy-peasy weekend game? 

My children got hold of our stash of empty tin cans this morning and began making towers. I found our beanbags and soon a game resembling both tin can alley (but without the guns) and ten-pin bowling (but without skittles or balls) evolved. It was brilliant fun with plenty of giggling and shouting, and lots of stacking...


... and Final Score calculating.

Warning: if you attempt to photograph your family playing this game you will undoubtedly get a beanbag thrown with precision accuracy - right in the face. Ye-ouch.


  1. What a fun way to repurpose tin cans! Love it!

  2. What'll we do with them next? Watch this space!

  3. I have just made some no sew bean bags from odd socks so am adding this to the list of games to play with them thank you.


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