Friday, 6 April 2012

Shake, rattle and roll

We made these rather snazzy decorative eggs today. It was a messy project - with glitter galore - but it definitely worked a treat. It even got my sticky-hand averse son willingly involved with glue - a sure sign of success. 

1. First we covered the bottom of four small transparent plastic food storage tubs - ours were from IKEA - with different coloured glitter.

2. Then we each coated one of our small polystyrene eggs - from a local pound shop - with PVA glue. We began by using a little paintbrush to do this but soon found it quicker and easier to spread the glue on the eggs with our fingers.

3. Next we dropped the eggs - one at a time - into the glitter-bottomed tubs, wiped our sticky paws and then firmly closed the lids.

4. After that came the really fun part; to shake, rattle and roll the eggs round and round in the closed tubs - covering each egg with an even layer of glitter. 

5. The transparency of the tubs allowed us to check that our eggs were glitter-coated before we removed the lids.

6. The twinkling, and now non-sticky, eggs were then transferred to a plate to dry for about an hour.

7. We mixed up our leftover glitter to make a few multi-coloured eggs too.

This was a fun activity, with proper wows from the children as they transformed their white eggs to sparkling treasure. And now we're all ready for our egg hunt on Sunday. Happy Easter!


  1. Glad to stumble across this Julia! Great blog, we totally did this the other day and enjoyed it (we have a gummy hand phobic here also but.. no probs..)
    Keep up the creative stuff...We're contemplating a re creation of My Little Pony World in papier mache or similar, any advice?.....

  2. Hi Deborah

    Glad to have you here. Re.the My Little Pony World in papier mache;I would suggest not using papier-mache - I've tried this with my children and they really didn't like the gloopy nature of the paper and glue combo - if you have a gummy-hand phobic child, I really think this would be a big no-no for them. I would suggest creating a drier construction - perhaps with recycled card and plastic household materials that could be stuck together with masking tape, covered in just one layer of newspaper and glue strips and then painted if you wanted something semi-permanent and swish-looking. Fabric and other finishes could be added later. Now I want to make one!


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