Friday, 2 December 2011

Advent adventures: day 2

Today we opened the second drawer of our tabletop advent tree. Inside, my children found a tiny trinket to hang on one of its branches and a strip of paper upon which was written a fun and festive activity. There's one of these for every day of Advent - I know that for sure because I came up with the twenty-four ideas, lovingly wrote them out and carefully placed one in each of the tree's diminutive drawers. I'm going to attempt to take a photograph to represent each day's little Advent adventure and post them all here.

Day 2: Make paper snowflakes


  1. Hi Julia, I've nominated you for the 'Liebster' Award- have a look at

    to find out what it's all about! Love reading your blog ;-)

  2. Hi Vicky - Just put a message on your blog - but I'll say thank you here too of course! THANK YOU! And well done on your award :-)

  3. Great idea to group them altogether making them a mobile!


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