Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advent adventures: day 7

Today we opened the seventh drawer of our tabletop advent tree. Inside, my children found a tiny trinket to hang on one of its branches and a strip of paper upon which was written a fun and festive activity. There's one of these for every day of Advent - I know that for sure because I came up with the twenty-four ideas, lovingly wrote them out and carefully placed one in each of the tree's diminutive drawers. I'm going to attempt to take a photograph to represent each day's little Advent adventure and post them all here.

Day 7: Make a fancy door decoration using rosemary and ivy, baubles and sequins


  1. The decoration turned out so well - but I just can't get a decent photograph of it. Aw well.

  2. I'm loving your December posts - and we have lots of the same things in our advent calendar too, so it feels like we're playing along. Love the idea of them drawing their favourite scene from the theatre visit - I might cheekily add that to mine!

  3. Thank you so much for your positivity! I'm finding all the photography a bit of a challenge to be honest. Always so tricky when there's no natural light.
    Have been following your lovely Advent calendar too of course. One of the great things about having little children is that you can do all the classic activities without a hint of cynicism. It's all fresh to them, eh.
    Not cheeky at all to use the theatre visit picture idea btw - and I'd love to see their drawings!


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