Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Advent adventures: day 6

Today we opened the sixth drawer of our tabletop advent tree. Inside, my children found a tiny trinket to hang on one of its branches and a strip of paper upon which was written a fun and festive activity. There's one of these for every day of Advent - I know that for sure because I came up with the twenty-four ideas, lovingly wrote them out and carefully placed one in each of the tree's diminutive drawers. I'm going to attempt to take a photograph to represent each day's little Advent adventure and post them all here.

Day 6: Enjoy the school trip to the pantomime Cinderella. Draw the best part of the show.

Daisy's 'Sin Drell' (Cinderella) - with her mice, a flying horse and some beautiful balloons

Buddy's stepsisters - with their beds, a wardrobe and some ghostly goings-on

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  1. Your kids have drawn beautiful pictures, what a lovely memory.


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