Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Advent adventures: day 21

Today we opened the twenty-first drawer of our tabletop advent tree. Inside, my children found a tiny trinket to hang on one of its branches and a strip of paper upon which was written a fun and festive activity. There's one of these for every day of Advent - I know that for sure because I came up with the twenty-four ideas, lovingly wrote them out and carefully placed one in each of the tree's diminutive drawers. I'm going to attempt to take a photograph to represent each day's little Advent adventure and post them all here.

Day 21: Put on your own Christmas show

An Ice Adventure

with Bud as Snow Lord, King of the Ice Ninjas, Daisy as Princess Ice 
and Daddy as the Ice Beast (not pictured)

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  1. I've heard Ice Beast are pretty difficult to capture on film! Lovely picture and you and your family totally rock!


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