Sunday, 22 July 2012

The play equation

Those of you who follow Adventures at Home on Facebook will know that despite my lack of posts here recently, we really have been living up to our name this July. Here's a quick peek into the creative side of my family's life this month; a few snapshots of my children doing what they do best - playing. The captions are written just as they appear on our Facebook page - simple mathematical equations, showing that whatever my children get their hands on, plus their lively imaginations always equals some pretty amazing play. Simple as that.

Neoprene + scissors + wet window + imagination = dastardly disguises

Tennis racquet + ball + wall + imagination = Wimbledon final

 Helium balloon + string + Lego Star Wars figure + imagination = slow-motion flying adventure for Padame

  Lego + imagination = A lie-in for mummy and daddy + being woken by a T Rex

 Wind-up toys + a plank of wood + imagination = The Backyard Olympics 

Cars + loop + cardboard + tape + water + imagination = best EVER high speed Jump and Splash 

Stretchy man + hair clip + imagination = cool surfer dude action

 Soft toys + doctor kit + kitchen towel bandages + imagination = a busy day at the Animal Hospital

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