Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Horticultural adventure

This afternoon in the garden, stage two of our horticultural adventure at home took place. And it took over two hours. Now, I'm really not used to sticking to just the one activity for this long, let alone the children, but it was necessary to see it through until its completion. Our lovely seedlings from Rocket Garden survived the weekend box-free but they were also pot-free, and thus emergency measures were required to keep them alive and kicking until their eagerly anticipated transplantation to the vegetable patch at Buddy's school. As we do not have any flowerbeds in our little yard we begged and borrowed pots and boxes from wherever we could. The hundred or so plants are now taking up much of the decking, sitting on our garden furniture out of reach of the salivating slugs and snails.

Our outside space looks like a garden centre - with dozens of tomatoes, chard, peas, beans, spinach, rocket, strawberries, courgettes and three varieties of lettuce all set out neatly as if ready to be purchased by keen gardeners. Buddy and Daisy did help to plant and water some of them but if I'm honest they seemed to be most excited by a tiny pot of compost currently showing no signs of life at all. It contains some chive seeds we sowed last week. With absolutely no evidence of anything growing in there yet, their unerring faith is very sweet. I do hope we see some little green shoots soon; my non-green fingers are beginning to show.

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