Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Once more with feeling

Like a lot of families at the moment we have a serious glut of chocolate in our house; Easter eggs and lots of chocolatey variations thereof are refusing to remain discreetly in cupboards where they might be out of sight and out of mind. Instead they tumble off shelves, poke out of boxes and roll into view to tempt us at every turn.

In an attempt to use up some of this excess chocolate and rekindle some of last week's Easter magic, we made birds' nests this afternoon. Remember those? All you need is Shredded Wheat, melted chocolate (two large Easter eggs made this batch), two small packets of Mini Eggs and two or more smallish chocolate fans to employ as nest-builders. I'm afraid some of the chocolate must have found its way onto the lens of my camera here so the photograph is slightly hazy. But you can't re-capture these making-moments, so this smudgy image it has to be. At the very least, it shows the speed at which those little hands were moving to fill the nests with eggs. I was certainly the most popular parent in the land for about twenty minutes.

Of course we still have to actually eat the chocolate birds' nests. Maybe I've just transferred the problem by changing its guise. However, I think I might take them into work tomorrow. Who will be able to resist a such a treat with a cup of tea? And isn't the selling point of Shredded Wheat something like '100% wheat and nothing else. No salt, no sugar.' There you have it: a healthy snack if ever you saw one.

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