Sunday, 18 April 2010

Just add water

We started our day to the roar of engines instead of our usual Classic FM this morning. The television coverage of the grand prix (in Shanghai) began at 8am and we'd promised Buddy he could watch. What an exciting race it turned out to be. The intermittent yet heavy rain resulted in last minute decisions about tyre-changes. This put an exciting spin (quite literally for some) on all fifty-six laps. And a very satisfying outcome too. Go, Jenson!

I don't know if was all that water on the track, or our discussion about how the drivers would get home without using air travel, but just at the end of the podium formalities Daisy suggested making a boat. A sailing boat. From a box she could sit in. So we did.

With its tea-towel sail and gaffer-taped mast, I doubt this vessel will last very long, but today it served us well, taking the children off to the high seas of the garden. Buddy was adamant its name should be, 'The Biggest Cruise Ship in the World' so we printed this on its side next to some very purple flowers cut out and stuck on by Daisy.

Other water-themed fun included watering our newly re-potted spring flowers (haphazard), washing the garden furniture (soapy) and a little outing to our local Green which has a running stream (wet shoes). We also had lunch at the waterside cafe at our nearby reservoir (very good coffee).

By late afternoon the sun was pouring into our living room, the doors were wide open to the garden, and I was in the mood for some music. We had a great time wafting and waving a huge sea-coloured silk scarf to some old favourites such as Beyond the Sea, True Love (the High Society version) and ocean-classics from The Little Mermaid soundtrack.

After tea and a bath, my pyjama'd pair cuddled up with me on the sofa to catch the end of the grand prix highlights on BBC 3. Now you might think this kind of TV isn't suitable bedtime viewing and I would have to agree. So it was much to my surprise to find my little Daisy, covered with the silk scarf from earlier, fast asleep on my lap. I can't remember the last time she did that. I carried her up to bed where she snuggled down happily. I just hope she's dreaming of wafting waves and cool blue water rather than the roar of F1 engines and shouting commentators. I'm sure she'll tell me in the morning.

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