Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Baskets (Part II)

My poor Daisy is under the weather. She has a terrible cold and she's all shivery. So we've not been too ambitious in our adventures today; we've played babies and Spider-man, we've listened to our old vinyl Disney album, and we've cuddled and coddled.

And in a very low key, gentle way we've cracked the whole Easter Basket thing too! As you can see, the final touches were made to the egg-boxes. They chose motorbike stickers for papa, teddy bears for nan, flowers and butterflies for everyone else. I just love it when they're confident about knowing exactly what people will like. I wish I found it that easy.

So, we're all set for Easter gifts. Just got to get my Daisy better now.


  1. And very lovely they were too, I looked quite the girl about town carrying mine around Westfield today! x

  2. Why no capital "P" for papa? signed anon of Homeside


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