Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ploutering Away

When one of my children asks to wash up I jump at the chance; not because they are particularly good at it - far from it. No, I try to facilitate this activity whenever possible because of something my nana once told me. She said, 'It's only for a short time that just ploutering* about in the sink is exciting.' How true, how true. And what a lovely way of describing the ineffectual washing up technique of a three year old.

*a Scottish word for splooshing things about in the water.

Washing up - often such a chore to us grown ups - can be a delightful, wet, bubbly and absorbing adventure at home for young children. So up on the kitchen stool they climb. Apron on, sleeves up, a sink full of soapy warm water, a selection of plastic plates and non-sharps later, and they're ready to plouter away!

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