Thursday, 18 March 2010

Where's Wall.E?

It often occurs to me when the Nursery and Reception doors open at 3.30pm, that everyone apart from my little one is clutching a drawing, painting or junk-model to thrust enthusiastically into the arms of whoever is collecting them that day. Buddy is what you might refer to as a reluctant 'producer-of-art.'

Yesterday, I was encouraged slightly when he emerged brandishing an empty square tissue box. He claimed he was bringing it home to 'make it into something.' Not wanting to push him in any way, we left it overnight and decided to think about what transformation it might undergo.

Buddy was very sad when I collected him today. Lunchtime shenanigans, I think. He needed a lot of encouragement to play or even engage with us - he just wanted to loll sulkily, thumb-in, not joining in. The only thing he wanted to do was to play on the Wall.E website. Argh..... his gradual draw to all things computer-game is beginning to concern me (but that's another worry for another day).

But it was his mentioning of Wall.E. that made me link the shape of that tissue box with the cube-like body of Wall.E. Ah HA!

A deal was struck. If Bud helped me make a Wall.E from his tissue box, he could use the Wall.E website. Slowly slowly he joined in. And we even talked about possible solutions to the lunchtime problems whilst painting the gluey yellow over the box. Positively therapeutic, I'd say.

We've just finished the evening off with a viewing of the Wall.E DVD - what a treat! And Bud cheered up so much that he agreed to pose with his fabulous-not-quite-dry-yet-Wall.E. Just for the record.

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  1. Thank you much fro sharing this post with me! I lvoe the movie, touching and your Wall. E became great :)
    ps: I pinned it!


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